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wrdmp-2e-coverWriting a Results-Driven Marketing Plan

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Making Every Dollar Count

By Tiffany A. Meyer


Format: Paper
Size: 8×10, 248pp
Availability: Usually ships within 3-5 business days
List Price: $24.95



This handbook offers far more than step-by-step guidance to create perhaps the most user-friendly and effective marketing plan you’ve ever written. And that’s because in the increasingly hypercompetitive landscape in which nonprofits now operate, even the best marketing plans won’t be successful unless what it is you’re marketing is worth promoting in the first place.

Unfortunately, many nonprofit marketers in particular find themselves stuck in a very costly, reactive marketing cycle, as unsure of the landscape in which they are operating as they are in articulating who they are and what they do, or if the promotion route they’re investing in will get them where they need to go. Regardless of the impetus perpetuating this cycle, the substantial cost is without question—in misdirected time, precious resources, and energy, contributing as well to substantial staff burnout, and ultimately to a lesser impact on the individuals and communities you serve.

With all that is at stake, nonprofits can no longer afford to spend another minute—or another dime—operating without crystal clarity of: the critical relationship between effective marketing and your organization’s financial sustainability; of what it is that makes your organization remarkable; the nuances of the market landscape in which you are operating; and ultimately, what you need to do to stand out, grab your customers’ and donors’ attention, and build evangelists for your work. This comprehensive handbook will guide you to do just that.


Nonprofit-focused concepts, worksheets and plan samples guide you to:

  • Clarify and communicate what makes your nonprofit remarkable
  • Eliminate costly, re-active marketing strategies that are weighting you down
  • Respond to a rapidly shifting industry landscape or unexpected funding roadblocks intelligently
  • Better leverage existing resources for substantially improved marketing results
  • Build a thriving nonprofit brand from the inside out