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service and program design

Put what makes you remarkable at the center of how you deliver value.

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What service features are the key to earning your customers' sustained loyalty?

The design of your service or program experience has never been more important. 

Launching a new program or service can be resource-intensive—and the experience of that service can make or break your success.

We bring more than a decade of audience-centered service and program design experience to every project (including both offline and online delivery models). Our approach starts with consumer insights to understand the most critical experiences and features based on how your audience defines value. We build service prototypes to visual the entire customer journey, and prioritize features to balance customer needs with your budget and business stage. 


The result is an actionable, audience-tested, budget-aligned service design that you can confidently implement.

Gain valuable insights on:

  • The biggest barriers to customer enrollment and how to overcome them

  • What your customers consider to be their "minimum viable product" feature set

  • Your biggest opportunities to turn service enhancements into sustained customer loyalty

Services include:

  • Market, consumer, and competitor insights to inform design

  • Customer journey mapping and user stories

  • User experience design

  • Service prototyping and testing

  • Loyalty program design

  • Service design for new or existing offerings or programs

  • Pricing strategy

  • Service management modeling

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