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Close up photo of a black woman smiling with hand outstretched to shake hands of another woman, who is blurred in the foreground

meet our team

we put relationships (you) first

We’re a highly collaborative, virtual team of tinkerers, artists and outdoor enthusiasts who love helping small organizations achieve big results. With our founder as your primary point of contact, and video technology front and center in our business model, our aim is to deliver a highly personalized experience where you feel like our only (and best) client. As a distributed team, we have very little overhead—and that translates into highly competitive rates.

Relationships are very important to us. Work with us and you'll laugh out loud, learn, explore and forge a long-term partnership (and friendship) you truly value.

Photo of Tiffany Meyer, with long blonde hair, dark long sleeved shirt, smiling, turned slightly away from the camera and looking toward the ground

meet the founder


"At my core, I’m a storyteller."


And no matter what business or cause you’re in, a story sits hiding behind the sexy business plan, the austere pro forma, and the tired 50-slide Powerpoint deck. Tiffany's best days are spent helping you find it. She gives your vision a voice, an outfit and a favorite book.


She's also a pack animal. Tiffany thrives in highly collaborative creative environments and can easily alternate between art director, strategist, project manager and work horse. She isn't afraid of bad ideas. She draws when she thinks and loves the interplay between language and design. As a systems thinker, Tiffany believes elegantly designed user experiences are the backbone of hard working creative. She geeks out over a well architected website, a highly personalized lead generation funnel, and a customer experience that delivers authentic value at every turn. 


"Let’s build great stories, then arm your team with the tools and systems they need to keep that story alive and working hard."

meet our agency partners


In addition to our ongoing partnership with the talented creatives below, we extend our team to your needs to accommodate illustration and packaging design, photography, media relations, digital advertising and more. We're super proud to maintain partnerships with three Women-Owned Business Enterprises—New Why Web, Wahoo Films and Tandem Editing.

Michelle Drumm headshot, closeup profile

new why web and marketing


Michelle has the mind of a tech nerd coupled with some wicked social skills. She speaks Geek as well as plain old English (and some French and German, too). Her formal training in Information Resources and Library Science mean that she can dig right into the question of how effectively a website is structured and then identify exactly what needs to be done to make the site work better. And her ability to bridge the gap between web development skills and our clients' own experiences and knowledge is how she ensures that all the websites we build not only function well, but are also a pleasure to use: for your audience and you. 

When she's not doing web things she's probably cooking up breakfast tacos or lounging in the sun. There's also a chance she's lying in her hammock reading Nabokov.

Headshot of Michelle Alvarado,  black and white

wahoo films


Michelle brings deep expertise and a passion for authentic storytelling to her work building videos that inspire, educate and move audiences to action. It’s rare that someone finds their passion at such a young age and follows it dogmatically, unwilling to be diverted by adolescent whims. But, that's Michelle. Just like her images, she stayed focused on her creative path. She was accepted at the USC Cinema and eventually landed jobs at National Geographic / Sony, Monterey Bay Aquarium, the BBC and even became a media teacher.


Michelle launched Wahoo Films nearly a decade ago to stretch herself even further and has been partnering with Numa Marketing since 2014.

Close up headshot of Kyra Freestar

tandem editing


As perhaps the most detail-oriented word-nerd we know, Kyra has been an invaluable asset in helping our clients turn out high-quality mid- and book-length publications including white papers, ebooks, guides and thought leadership titles. Her command of the English language and empathic connection to its intended target audience helps her effectively advise on everything from structural editing to proofreading and style guide development. While Kyra connects with our clients directly, she takes a team approach to editing with her Tandem colleagues to ensure a holistic document review.

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